ROoSTER For Your Roster.

The team sport solution for your sporty life.

Create as many teams as you want • See who, when, and where you're playing • Tap once for chat, email, phone, or video

Color-coded events for instant info • Push notifications & action burst camera • View your entire team & communicate in one tap

Schedule games, practices, and other events and the whole team knows it • Tap once for player availability and check-in

How Does ROoSTER Work?

ROoSTER is simple and convenient. A coach or team organizer creates an account, starts a team and adds staff, players, parents and team events to the calendar.

Players, parents, and staff join by accepting invitations you send. Boom.

See event details, directions, player check-ins, notes, and more. Boom.

Communicate quickly with SMS text, email, phone or notifications. Boom.

20-pound weight loss and no more in-laws at holidays. You wish.

Now the whole team has instant access to all the information all in one place. No more sifting through emails, voice mails, or wading through poorly organized web sites. ROoSTER, the simplest team sport utility on earth.

"ROoSTER is much more than an organizer. It's about using technology to save our customers valuable time and remove a frustrating reality from their daily lives. If using ROoSTER gives you even 15 extra minutes to spend time with friends and family, then we'll consider ourselves successful. The high-quality, team sport experience you receive is really just a bonus."

-Todd Clary, Co-Founder and CEO

ROoSTER Does Team Organization and Communication. Better.


ROoSTER is easy: start the app and go. And you'll love the web version
coming soon.
You're welcome.


ROoSTER is fast: instant alerts, and notifications to the whole team, a group, or one person. Boom.


ROoSTER is simple: no sifting through emails, voice mails or messages. We hate that as much
as you do.


ROoSTER is sharp: slick on the front end and beautifully coded by geniuses on the
back end.



ROoSTER is synced: across all your devices easily and automatically.
Like it should be.
No big whoop.


ROoSTER is amazing: deposits a billion dollars in gold into your bank account. (Ha ha kidding but wouldn't that rock?)

On November 1 see how ROoSTER 2.0

is going to unlevel the playing field.

Yeah we know you can barely

see it...there's nothing wrong

with your monitor ha ha.

ROoSTER For Your Roster™ is designed and developed by Appsorbs, Inc.

We've put hundreds of design hours and lots of programming love
into making ROoSTER a lean, mean team sport machine.
Here are some of the most common questions we get.

Does ROoSTER work for any sport?



Can I organize more than one team?

Other apps will actually charge you for each additional team you want to organize. We think that's pretty lame. You can use ROoSTER for as many teams as you want for one low price. Knock yourself out.


I have three kids on different teams in different sports. Can I use ROoSTER to keep it all organized?

Absolutely. Although you might want to consider cloning yourself.


I coach my kid's soccer but have another kid on lacrosse. Can I use ROoSTER as both a coach AND a parent?

Absolutely. Whether you're the coordinating organizer of one team or someone wanting the up-to-date information on another, ROoSTER let's you do it all.

Does ROoSTER have player availability function?

You're going to love this one:  ROoSTER shows every person on the team. To check in and indicate their availability for any scheduled event, a player just taps their image. A green check instantly appears on everyone's screen. A red check means they won't be there.

I scheduled a weekly practice but the location has changed How do I let everyone know?

You don't. ROoSTER does. ROoSTER automatically alerts your entire team roster and everyone else associated with the team. They even get a map and directions.

ROoSTER For Your Roster™ is designed and developed by Appsorbs, Inc.