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ROoSTER For Your Roster — the go-to app for coaches, players, and parents.


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Color-coded events for instant info • Push notifications & action burst camera • View your entire team & communicate in one tap

Schedule games, practices, and other events and the whole team knows it • Tap once for player availability and check-in




ROoSTER is easy. Just start the app and go. No web site sign up and no hidden fees. You're welcome.

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ROoSTER is simple. No more sifting through emails, voice mails or your messages. We hate that as much as you do.





ROoSTER is beautiful. A stunning interface, world-class graphics and supreme programming. *bows

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ROoSTER deposits $12 Billion in gold coins into your bank account  (ha ha kidding but wouldn't that be cool?)

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"ROoSTER is the go-to app for all players, coaches,
and team parents. We can finally stay in touch on every aspect of the team. Keep up the great work!"

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